Over the years I've developed a diverse range of experiences and skills sets which includes Competency Framework development, e-Learning, Instructional Design, Employee Engagement, Process Facilitation, Onboarding and Change management. Here I present some of the projects I've had the privilege of doing. 


Developed "The Art of the Pitch - Scenario-based Training for Effective Government Communication" as an interactive elearning designed to enhance government communications officers' skills in media outreach.

[Competency Framework Development] 

Developing a Public Service-wide Competency Framework that impacts talent management, performance assessment, employee deployment and succession planning for more than 9,000 public service officers. 


[Chatbot Development]

Developed a a recruitment chatbot called "Rena" for the Civil Service College to improve their hiring process.


[Instructional Design + Facilitation]

The "Process Tools Facilitation" workshop was a 4-hour session that I designed and facilitated. The workshop aimed to support Team Leads and Workplan Facilitators to better design, develop, and facilitate sessions to support their team's year-end Domain Workplan.


Curious by nature, I am an experienced and enthusiastic professional with a strong background in Learning and Development, specializing in improving public sector capabilities across various fields. My skill set includes identifying learning needs, creating customized interventions, and leading government-focused leadership programs. I am adept at developing competency frameworks and implementing innovative learning methodologies. Throughout my diverse professional experiences, I have demonstrated success in conducting team launches, engaging employees, designing onboarding programs, and hosting large-scale events.